Managing Your Facebook Ads Effectively

Perhaps, any open-minded expert strives to make the most of Facebook marketing campaigns. The method works, so it should be squeezed the most of, right? Here are a few tips to tune your efforts to top performance, prepared and tested by HTP digital marketing agency Manchester, the company that managed to successfully over 300 promotion projects since 2011.

Liven up your page

If your fan page is characterised by poor activity, give your employees the opportunity to participate in the development and filling it in with content. Thus, you will not only show that your group is alive and functioning, but also raise the reputation of your company through the reviews and intra-life discussions (moderation may be required).

Stand out from the crowd

Upgrade your page with unique design, use graphics, infographics and video advertising campaigns at your page. You may also want to plunge into viral marketing; this is where an experienced company will come to the rescue.

Be in trend

Monitor the innovations in social networks on a constant basis. Take advantage of self-presentation tools, timelines and etc. – in words of one syllable make use of all the instruments the network grants.

Try to maintain communication with your subscribers

There is nothing worse than ‘dead’ groups. Facebook is full of official pages with negative dynamics of action. People will hardly initiate any talks on the official pages since they cannot see or hear the Spokesman: communicate and maintain the discussions.

Share truly unique and catchy content

Advertising on Facebook is not about spending dollars for clicks and watching the conversion. Should not only be advertising. Give people something they would be surely interested in: news, interesting facts, researches, infographics and etc. This will revive the page, reduce pressure and mount non-direct advertising into your Facebook page.

Bringing Facebook Fakes To Light

Even though average seasoned agencies cherish their reputation, that’s why it is not likely to resort to bots usage in its campaigns (until it is agreed). However, if you deal with aspiring service providers you should definitely know how to recognise fake accounts.

Monitor the activity of a suspect: calculate the approximate number of posts, comments, or answers to questions in groups.

Watch the relevance of answers: when promoting complex products and services, aimed at a particular segment, it is desirable that the created topics were identical or similar to the group category. Having multiple non-thematic issues may indicate involvement of poor audience. The fact should be taken into account that loyal audience and relevant posts indicate the quality of the group. That’s why this item should be analyzed separately in each case.

Assess the usefulness of information posted and check how quickly the group reacts to external and internal factors: surveys, questions and debatable posts. How adequately and competently the group is communicating (the presence of many spelling errors in the short, uninformative answers may indicate the poor quality nature of the group or fake accounts). The most obvious example: drop in at some actively promoted group and leave some arguable message; if you get dozens of ‘thank you’ or ‘cool stuff’ comments – this is it.

The easiest way to find out whether fake accounts are used is to have a good look at the avatars. The errors in parsing scripts may occur on a regular basis which in its turn leads to setting identical images to a good bunch of accounts simultaneously.


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