Legal counseling of the car purchase in UK

Many people which have means and ambitions want to buy the cars in Great Britain, because the local market offers the most different models by optimum prices. If the buyer is in GB, then the purchase happens under his management but if he isn’t, then it made through the intermediary (authorized attorney).

How to start a purchase?

First of all it is necessary to choose the car and begin the negotiations with the seller. If he agrees on the transaction, at this stage it is desirable to get the support of solicitor. He will check all data of the seller and define whether it should be trusted. For example, the Arabs and Hindus are often engaged in the sale of cars in Great Britain, but have an evil repute, so it is better to not contact with them. If the buyer is a citizen of another country, then the solicitor can make primary buy and sell agreement. For buyer this will help to receive the visa in the shortest possible time. If the car is bought on credit, then it is also better to discuss with your solicitor. To find the solicitor who will help you in this case is rather simple if to turn for help to the, here you also will find useful guides and specifically the one about possibility to pay experts only for successfully complete transactions – learn more in “no win no fee” conditions feature.

Before the transaction, it is necessary to make a trial trip within half an hour. If the car (especially, pre-owned) has any failures, they will be shown during a trial trip. Attractive outside appearance of the car shouldn’t mislead you.

Execution of documents

After the buyer was made sure that car is in perfect order, you should go to the registration of documents. The owner of the car must have such set of documents:

  • Document of V5C registration. This certificate take the place on 4 pages in A4 format;
  • If the age of car exceeds 3 years, then the document about MOT test is necessary;
  • Certificate of tax disk payment. It looks like the round small coupon which fastens to a windshield.

If one of the above documents is absent, this is not a problem – you will just spend a little more time for registration.

The car re-registration is very simple in England. It is enough to enter data about the new owner in the old document of V5C registration. One part of this document together with the car remains with the buyer, but another part is needed to be sent to the DVLA agency.

How to outdistance a car

This question is urgent for those people who bought the car in England, but live in another country. As a rule, if the distance not too big, and the car has small engine displacement, then it is better to transport it independently, being at its wheel. If the car has a wheel on the right side, and the driver has no experience in driving such cars, then the best decision will be to call the tow truck. The usual cost of such services makes from 2 to 3 pounds for one mile. If distance is small, then buyer needs to pay only for it, but in the case of big distances you will need to pay also for a way back of the tow truck.

If the buyer decided to come back to the country by driving the bought car, then he needs to take care of some things.

  • In the car must to be a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, high-visibility vest (it must lie inside the car saloon), breakdown triangle;
  • Existence of the owner rights, insurance document and the registration ticket are necessary too;
  • There must be a voucher for the payment of road tax and the document of technical inspection that has been passed in time.

Without having all of the above, you cannot get your car out of England.